Promote the future of people and cities. Through creative dealing with knowledge.

KreaScientia works with the “city lab” tool to implement sustainable projects with partners. We understand a “city laboratory” as the possibility to install different learning packages and to gain concrete experience through process support. A large part of social changes are made by people in organizations. The options for action are always determined by the context of the city society. There are many relationships between the city and the organization.


KreaScientia works with the theme’s “urbanism”, “Europe”,  and “Sustainability”.  The goal is to promote the future-oriented learning of people and regions. The creative use of knowledge is the guiding principle for our own activities,  as well as for conceptual projects. Innovative learning processes and new options play a central role.


KreaScientia organises creative and participative learning processes on a daily basis. The academic research and practical assistance of urban processes in Europe are the basis. In the commissions the partnership with networks and clients enables tailor-made concepts.We can choose from four different languages in the working process. The trans-cultural dialogue allows exchange of experiences and expertise.


  • Cosmopolitan attitude and humanity, diversity and inclusion
  • Creativity, communication, cooperation
  • Quality and customer satisfaction