The year 2014 has clearly shown that periods of conflict and cultural prosperity belong together. There is much to learn from the European history of today, and in building the Europe of tomorrow. Until the summer of 2015 KreaScientia participates in the project “Thinking European History and Culture (TEHC).
In cooperation with organisations from France and Turkey we investigate our common European history and our common cultural heritage to raise more awareness about this, and to make each other more aware of this. We emphasise on working together on a European identity and to develop an educational programme about our common culture and history. Aim is to develop common aspects and to overcome mental barriers which arise because of cultural an physical borders between Occident and Orient.

The results of meetings in Cesme and Aachen already show a new and surprising view. Through this project the cooperating organisations want to give a clear view on the historical and cultural process in Europe for a broad target group.

More information about the project (in English) can be found on the  project website.